My favourites

Here are a couple of websites I have discovered over the last month that have helped me so much! 


I am a pizza fiend. I love pizza. Going without pizza is just not an option for me, so when I discovered my pizza needs were met immediately! I got their starter pack which had some pizza bases, some Southern style chicken coating and their brownie mix. Game changers! 

The Skinny bakery

I saw their advert for doughnuts and I had to have a peak on their website. It is lucious, and while the food is quite short dated, you can store it for an additional month in the fridge. Knowing my other half, it won't make it that long! 


It is said that their hazlenut crunch bar tastes like Ferraro Rocher (which is my all time favourite chocolate) but for only 62cals. So much to my hubby's delight I have ordered a box. I can not even tell you how excited I am. 

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